Elevator Control


Elevator is a public place that allow people reach the different floors of the property.

The regular elevator is an open environment which allows anybody to go any floors.
This is not good for security considerations.
Elevator become a main entrance that people could go to the rooms which no business with him.
Theft may occur frequently because nothing could block a theft happens.

DELUNS elevator controller offers a solution block the theft out of elevator.

Elevator controller is a product that powered by DELUNS HOTEL LOCK SYSTEM.
It is one branch of it which requires running the keycards comes from DELUNS HOTEL LOCK SYSTEM only.
That means if somebody have no keycard(he is not the guest of hotel), he will not available push the floor button.
And also, each guest can reach only the floor his room exist. Such as 505 guest can only reach 5 floor but not 6 floor.

When the keycard been read, the floor information will be sent to the elevator control and the corresponding floor

button is activated and push available.
Guest can not access to other floors because the button not working at all.
The master card holder could access to any floor after read his card.